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Heat Maps Help Engineers Determine Build Orientations for Additive Manufacturing

ANSYS Additive Prep auto-generates support structures that help ensure the part prints properly.

The growing need for engineers to build any part at any location ensures that faster and more efficient industrial additive manufacturing technologies continue to grab headlines.

To fulfull this need, the ANSYS 2019 R2 release of ANSYS Additive Manufacturing solutions includes many updates to its workflow, speed and functionality.

One update that stands out is ANSYS Additive Prep. This tool sits inside ANSYS SpaceClaim and produces heat maps that help engineers predict how additive manufacturing build orientations impact support structures, build times, distortions and overall print performance.

Once the optimal build orientations have been determined, Additive Prep can auto-generate support structures to print parts properly the first time.

ANSYS Additive Prep Determines Build Orientations and Supports for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Prep’s heat maps help engineers plan the printing process. This video shows how these heat maps can be created in seconds. Once created, engineers can use a mouse to rotate the part on the build plate about two axes. The heatmaps show how the new orientation impact support structures, build times and distortions.

The video also shows how these heat maps are combined into an overall performance heat map, which is made using a weighing function that is controlled by a triangular input graph.

Video shows how ANSYS Additive Prep uses heat maps to help engineers orient their parts on build plates. It then shows how Additive Print helps engineers generate support structures.

Once an optimal orientation is set, the user can define all the part’s faces that require supports and the type of supports needed. The video shows how Additive Prep auto-generates these supports at the specified locations.

Additive Prep is going to bring a lot of value to the additive manufacturing simulation process. To learn more about it, read the ANSYS Additive Prep product page. Or attend the webinar: ANSYS 2019 R2: Additive Manufacturing Update.