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How to Optimize the Mixing of Your Elixir of Life

ANSYS Mixing Guided Process Template helps this witch and wizard optimize the mixing process.

A witch or wizard’s quest to be young forever — it starts with the magic green elixir in a cauldron.

Bring water from the Fountain of Youth to a boil. Then:

  • Add in the scale of a dragon
  • Toss in a werewolf’s tooth
  • Drop in a griffin’s feathers

Mix it all together and drink to replenish your youth and vitality.

But wait — how effective is the standard potion mixing method?

Is the Elixir of Life Thoroughly Mixed?

Most magic folk use their old broom stick to stir potions and elixirs — but there must be a better way.

They go to all this toil and trouble,

To find their potions not thoroughly mixed.

It’s likely to make them age double,

So, this mixing process must be nixed.

I’m here to announce the ANSYS Mixing Guided Process Template (ANSYS mixing template) could help do the trick. 

Simulate a Mixing Tank’s Performance

The ANSYS mixing template enables magic folk to design their cauldrons to their needs.

The ANSYS mixing template is easy to use — even the least experienced in magic could utilize it.

Start off by choosing the shape of the cauldron you want — whether it’s cylindrical or rectangular.

Now it’s time to scrap the broom stick and upgrade to impellers. Up to four impellers can be added to a top- or bottom-mounted shaft. There are six different impeller types to choose from, depending on what’s best for your cauldron.

If impellers alone aren’t thoroughly stirring your elixir, you can add baffles and spargers to help perfect the mix. After finding the best cauldron configuration, you can adjust different parameters like the agitation speed, fluid density, fluid viscosity and others.

Once the optimal potion setup is ready, the simulation runs automatically. Based on results from the automated report generated, magic folk can see how effective the mixing was. They can then scale up production to build a giant cauldron that will ensure true immortality.

To optimize your own elixir mixing process, download the ANSYS Mixing Guided Process Template at the ANSYS App Store.