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Fluid Dynamics are Engineer Ready in ANSYS 19.0

In early January, I spent two jam packed days in a room with over 60 of our best and brightest to exchange CFD best practices and learn what's new for fluid dynamics in Ansys 19.0. These are Ansys Customer Excellence (ACE) team CFD engineers who work with you, our customers, to set up and solve the toughest simulation problems. In prior years, the presentations have focused on the latest physical models and capabilities. Certainly, those were represented. But this fluid dynamics technical meeting was predominantly about you, the engineer — discussing how to reduce risk  to provide the answers you need with the minimum investment of time and resources.

image of ANSYS summit participants learning ANSYS Fluids 19.0

Presentations included:

  • ACT App Streamlines Blood Flow Simulation
  • Digital Twins for Everyone
  • Efficient Transient Simulation Process for Blowers With Highly Curved Blades
  • Democratization of CFD with ROMs
  • Optimization of a Centrifugal Compressor Rotor Using Adjoint Methods

This is the kind of thinking that went into planning fluids innovations for Ansys 19.0.  We see that the world of fluid dynamics simulation is changing. Your job is becoming vastly more complicated as you are challenged not only to deliver great results but also to shorten cycle times and reduce costs, while increasing quality and eliminating risk. To deliver on today’s product challenges, you must tame complexity and enhance productivity. I am proud to introduce that with Ansys 19.0, the next generation of Ansys CFD that does this and more to support your success.

This is how we are making simulation even more pervasive.

Here are some of the Ansys 19.0 highlights:

Engineer Ready Workflows

These full workflows empower you to set up and analyze challenging industrial problems that could not easily be simulated before.  These solutions will add measurable value to your business operation.  For example by shortening the design cycle, improving your product capabilities and competitive standing and reducing production or maintenance costs.

  • Optimize fuel pumps and fuel injectors to reduce emissions caused by unexpected leakage flows of engine oil into the fuel caused by high operating pressures that can deform and widen the gaps between the plunger and cylinder walls.
  • Maximize uptime and optimize preventive maintenance programs by reliably predicting the location and extent of erosion in pipelines that are carrying particle laden flows.
  • Simulate detailed breakup mechanisms, and accurately predict droplet-size distributions and spray characteristics to optimize product performance of spray nozzles, injectors and atomizers.
ANSYS Fluent uses the volume of fluid method to directly track the interface instabilities and surface tension effects that give rise to ligament and droplet formation. Then, the faster, more computationally efficient Lagrangian framework takes over to track the droplets.

New Chemkin provides fast, accurate combustion and reacting flow simulation in a single license

Ansys Chemkin provides all the tools for fast, accurate combustion and reaction flow simulations bundled into a single license. The package includes detailed fuel models with broad and deep simulation software whose hallmark is accuracy and best-practice methodologies. These tools help you achieve your performance and fuel efficiency goals cost-effectively and without compromising time to solution.

Analyze, visualize, and communicate your simulation results with new Ansys EnSight

Get inspired to see your data like never before. New Ansys EnSight delivers the best routine simulation post processing and visualization for Ansys and other simulation tools. More than just photorealistic animations, EnSight consolidates data from multiple engineering simulations and other sources to help explore and explain complex systems and processes. New in Ansys 19.0, Ansys CFD users will gain access to Ansys EnSight with every fluids product bundle that includes post processing.

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Want to learn more?

ansys 18 webinar View the on-demand webinar Fluid Dynamics Innovations in ANSYS 19 where we review usability enhancements, speedups and new capabilities in each ANSYS CFD product including Fluent, CFX, Polyflow, FENSAP-ICE and Chemkin-Pro.