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Meet the ANSYS Embedded Systems and Software Team at Embedded World

Embedded World 2018 is just around the corner and we're excited. Embedded World brings together over 30,000 embedded systems and software professionals focusing on new technologies in embedded systems and software, and I’m pleased to let you know that ANSYS will be there again this year in booth 4-631, located in Hall 4.

We talk about product complexity and how the product development process is changing quite a bit here on the blog and the same holds true for the embedded sector. I’m sure that you hear daily about disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles and digital twins.Did you know that embedded systems and software are what will control these devices?

As we move towards autonomous vehicles, digital twins and other advanced technologies, ensuring the safety and reliability of these products remains paramount.  This not an easy task. In order to make sure that your products and the software that controls them are behaving in the correct manner, there are many things that you must consider. Among there are interactions with the 3-D physics properties of the actual product, systems design, functional safety of the software and the actual code itself that is controlling the device.

As you may know, we’ve recently released ANSYS 19, and there is no better place to see the enhancements and new product features available to you than in our booth at the show. So, what can you learn if you swing by and pay us a visit?

We’ll be demonstrating a number of exciting new demos on application areas and product features that I’m sure you will find interesting. They show the importance of embedded systems and software safety in traditional applications and across disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles.

Embedded World 2018 Preview

Stop by and see:

  • The ANSYS ADAS/autonomous vehicle open simulation platform — The ANSYS ADAS/autonomous vehicle open simulation platform integrates physics, electronics, embedded systems and software simulation to enable companies developing self-driving vehicles to accurately simulate complete autonomous driving systems. 
  • Electrothermal and Structural Reliability Analysis — learn how the unique ANSYS Chip-Package-System design flow maximizes reliability from structural and thermal effects such as thermal expansion and hot spots from electronic components.
  • Empowering the Internet of Things — see how ANSYS enables the design of reliable IoT devices meeting the high-speed, low-power stringent requirements. Demo of a virtual TDR wizard and RLC extractions of key components.
  • TDR — demo of the virtual TDR functionality. See how to set up the virtual TDR probes, do the circuit analysis and do effective design optimization.
  • SCADE HMI demo — Learn how SCADE supports Khronos OpenGL SC 2.0 for critical avionics and automotive HMI software.
  • ANSYS and KRONO-SAFE integrated software platform for critical aerospace applications — ANSYS and KRONO-SAFE integrate their respective tools SCADE Suite and ASTERIOS to provide a real-time integration flow suitable for safety-critical multirate applications, on single or multicore platforms.
  • Complete Battery Management System for Automotive — As vehicle manufactures move towards increased or total electrification, understanding how the complete system, including functional safety and embedded software, interacts is the only way to ensure reliability and safety.
  • Also, our partner CoreAVI will join us in the booth and will demonstrate our joint capabilities on a glass cockpit.

If you want to delve a little deeper into some of the hot topics facing the embedded systems and software industry right now, join my colleague, Gunther Siegel, for his presentation, “Analysis and Development of Safety-Critical Software for ADAS,” on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, at noon, Hall 3/Stand 3A-610.

We hope that you can visit with us while in Nuremberg, but if you won’t be at the show, you can still learn more about how we’re making developing autonomous vehicles, digital twins and other applications along with the control code and HMIs easier and more efficient.

If you aren't going to be at Embedded World, take a look at our white paper, Driving Speed and Reliability in Automotive Systems Engineering: The Need for a Model-Based Solution, to learn more about how we are speeding development of the systems and software that control autonomous vehicles.