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ANSYS Discovery Live Engineering Design Competition

Over the last four months, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with several ANSYS Discovery Live technology preview users and learning about their unique stories. Regardless of the user, there is one common theme I hear — excitement. Users are excited about many things this technological breakthrough brings to them, and I am happy to announce another exciting aspect of Discovery Live.

Discovery Live Design Competition

Introducing the 1st Discovery Live Engineering Design Competition

Starting today, we are launching a Discovery Live engineering design competition! This is an opportunity for anyone to put on display their experience with Discovery Live, show the world their findings, and win awesome prizes.

What is this design competition all about?

This is a wide-open contest where it doesn't matter if your submission is a fluid, structural, thermal, or modal applications. We want you to highlight a design problem, engineering simulation through Discovery Live, and subsequent solution of your choice. If you have an interesting use case where Discovery Live is integral to the solution, then we want to hear from you.

We believe Discovery Live shows best with imagery and that videos are the best way to communicate the values of this tool. Submissions to the competition should be a brief video (under 5 minutes) that highlights the engineering problem or goal, how Discovery Live was used to find a solution, and the time saving or design improvements it offered.

Why should you participate?

Here are five reasons why you should accept the challenge and enter the Discovery Live engineering design competition:

1. Win prizes: NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPU

ANSYS has partnered with NVIDIA to bring real-time simulation into the hands of every engineer.

We are giving away three NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and a one-year subscription to ANSYS Discovery Live to the top three winners. I personally use one of these NVIDIA cards and my simulations are lightening fast.

2. Give your organization exposure

Winning entries will have their video, image, and company logo listed on our winners page for the duration of one year. Don't have permission to use your company logo? That's okay. We'll feature YOU as the creator. Or explain to your boss that this is free advertising!

AND, if your submission is not selected as a winner, you may still be considered to be featured in upcoming blogs or on our social channels, which could further increase your exposure.

3. Increase your chances by submitting more than one entry.

The more I use Discovery Live, the more ways I envision it can be used. There’s no limit to the number of entries you can submit.

4. It’s free!

No purchase necessary! Even if your gear doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements, you can test out Discovery Live in the cloud and use that as a means for your submission. If you don’t have a copy of Discovery Live, you can download the free technology preview right now.

5. The contest won’t last forever:

Submit your entry by February 28, 2018 for a chance to win one of three NVIDIA graphics cards and a one-year subscription of Discovery Live!

To submit an entry and to view the complete rules, click here.