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ANSYS and Synopsys Announcement at DAC 2017 #54DAC

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Semiconductors touch every aspect of our lives — from the computers that we work on to the automobiles we drive to the medical devices that keep us healthy. As these amazing chips become smaller and more packed with functionality (the latest NVIDIA graphics chip has 21 billion transistors!), designing and producing them becomes far more complicated. Yet increased demand for smaller, more powerful integrated circuits is increasing so companies can create the products of the future. For more than a decade, the semiconductor industry has relied on ANSYS RedHawk for chip power integrity and reliability signoff — the verification a design must pass before being manufactured. These ANSYS-designed chips are inside everything from your smartphone to your washing machine. Similarly, many in the industry actively use Synopsys tools for physical implementation of their chips. Synopsys is the largest electronic design automation company in the world, with leading technologies, including physical implementation.

Earlier today, we announced that ANSYS and Synopsys have formed a new partnership to tightly integrate our great solutions — and to help transform the industry.

Designers have been using ANSYS and Synopsys tools in combination for years, but our integrated solution will enable customers to apply power integrity and reliability signoff solutions earlier in the design flow — empowering them to deliver innovative, high-performance and reliable products faster, while reducing power, area and cost. This is a win-win for our companies as well as the industry.

You may recall that we recently introduced RedHawk-SC, bringing RedHawk onto our ANSYS SeaScape architecture. RedHawk-SC gives users access to big data analytics and popular machine learning packages to reduce power while increasing performance and reliability of semiconductor designs.

We announced this partnership today at the Design Automation Conference (DAC), the premier semiconductor industry event, and so far the feedback has been outstanding. I truly believe this is a watershed event for the industry.