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October 7, 2021

Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation with Ansys Elastic Licensing

Ansys offers concurrent high-performance computing (HPC) licensing, on an annual or perpetual basis, for customers that use Ansys software frequently and consistently.

We’ve heard your concerns about traditional licensing:

  • “We only want to pay for what we use.”
  •  “It’s hard to predict the products and quantities we need.”
  • “We would like to bill back to business units.”
  •  “Our fixed pool of licenses can lock out occasional users.”
  •  “We need extra licenses during peak project periods.”

These common objections are shared by companies of all sizes, especially small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Small businesses often do not have an HPC infrastructure for growing simulation complexity, IT staff for DIY implementations, or a capital budget for HPC. Such objections also impact medium businesses that cannot meet simulation demands because of limited and/or outdated hardware, as well as costly and long DIY implementations that lead to high hardware and maintenance costs. Large businesses often lead corporate cloud adoption initiatives and submit complex jobs for end users who want to better collaborate across global, distributed teams.

Flexible HPC Licensing

To enable better asset optimization, more portfolio flexibility, better cost allocation, and easier access as well as augment peak capacity, Ansys offers licensing solutions that meet varying needs for pay-per-use access across the Ansys portfolio, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Ansys Elastic Licensing is a good complement to lease and paid-up solutions. Location-agnostic and able to provide access across physics, Ansys Elastic Licensing is a pay-per-use solution that enables usage-based licensing of virtually every Ansys product, plus on-premises computing power and Ansys Cloud hardware.

Figure 1 : Use Ansys Elastic Licensing to remove the hardware barrier and also for peak demand.

Here are what some industry leaders are saying about Ansys Elastic Licensing:

"Ansys Elastic Licensing maximizes efficiency by providing our team with the flexibility to access specialized software analyses they could not previously access," said Shin Bumsik, digital transformation manager at LSIS in a press release. "Managers can achieve cost optimization through operational efficiency by adding Ansys Elastic Units to their licensing mix. We were able to speed up R&D by providing our users with the right products at the right time, on-premises or on the cloud. We have validated efficiency with three years of Ansys Elastic Units utilization and look forward to maximizing continuous efficiency."

"Flexibility is critical for a company like ours," says Sukhvinder Kang, chief technology officer for Aavid Thermalloy in a press release. "Working on numerous simulation projects with teams across the globe, it is difficult to predict up front, the mix of Ansys products we will need, where we will need them and how many licenses we will need. Working with Ansys has proven the value of usage-based licensing to support our constantly changing simulation needs. We expect that elastic licensing will give us the access to the broad suite of multiphysics solutions that we need to support our customers globally and bring our innovative products to market faster and more reliably than ever."

Ansys Elastic Licensing complements and augments the value of other licensing solutions, removing access barriers like number of users, product access and HPC capacity.

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