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Computer Aided Design + Computer Aided Engineering = Digital Exploration

ANSYS and PTC partner to deliver simulation for every engineer!

What if every engineer had digital tools that gave them perfect insight into the performance of their physical product and allowed them to almost effortlessly gauge the impact of every design choice made? That is of course the holy grail of digital exploration. While we are not there yet, today we take another big step on this quest by partnering with PTC.

PTC was the first to introduce a parametric modeling CAD system, giving engineers the tools to digitally design and document the form of their products and parts. Today, the parametric paradigm is pervasive across industries, and PTC Creo is one of the most used CAD systems in the engineering world.

As you know, at ANSYS we have a mission of making simulation pervasive, so every engineer can benefit from the insight CAE gives regarding the function of their product. So we are thrilled to partner with PTC to bring our Discovery simulation technology natively to PTC Creo and its users, combining form and function.

Hopefully­­­ you have by now experienced ANSYS Discovery Live and the breakthrough experience of intuitive, interactive, instantaneous simulation. Where simulation used to have a steep learning curve and take hours if not days to perform, we consistently hear that even novice users are up and running in 15 minutes and iterating through options and results in seconds.

The partnership between PTC and ANSYS will bring the two worlds of parametric modeling and interactive simulation together so engineers can digitally explore designs at the speed of thought. The first product to ship as part of this partnership will be PTC Creo Live. Subsequently we will work together to deliver the breadth of simulation capabilities in ANSYS Discovery AIM to PTC Creo as well. You can see a sneak preview of the product experience above.

For designers and engineers this should be great news. You get more tool choices so you can pick the ones that are right for you. If you are a PTC user or a fan of the parametric paradigm, check out PTC Creo Live. If you are looking for a purpose-built innovation and simulation tool give ANSYS Discovery Live a try. Both products provide a great experience and deliver on the promise of digital exploration.

My question to you is: What will it do to your product design if you can get engineering insight in almost real-time and iterate through multiple choices in minutes? At ANSYS and PTC, we are excited to see what you create!