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Tame Product Complexity and Enhance Productivity with ANSYS 19

I think you know the story because you are living it every day. It's not enough anymore to use the most accurate physical models in your simulations (although you won’t give them up!). Your product challenge is vastly more complicated than that. You’re under unrelenting pressure to lower cycle times and reduce costs, while increasing quality and eliminating risk. That calls for more.


That’s why we are so proud of ANSYS 19. We designed it to help you tame complexity and enhance productivity, so you can address your whole product challenge with greater accuracy — across the broadest range of applications.

ANSYS 19 is how we are making simulation even more pervasive.


Taming Complexity

ANSYS 19 tames complexity by supporting and empowering engineers with tools that improve reliability, performance, speed and ease of use. For example:

  • New Radar Cross Section (RCS) calculations in HFSS are able to predict computationally intensive far-field and near-field radar signatures for 3D target models very quickly. Now engineers designing autonomous vehicles, advanced detection systems and stealth technology can digitally explore and optimize more design iterations in less time — delivering more innovations faster in the autonomous market.
  • A well designed human machine interface (HMI) is critical for safety. ANSYS 19 accelerates the development, deployment and testing of safety-critical HMIs for diverse applications from cockpit displays for aircraft to infotainment and dashboard displays for automobiles, to control room displays for industrial applications.

Spurring Productivity

ANSYS 19 delivers solutions that greatly enhance productivity and create a more seamless workflow at every stage — empowering engineers to accomplish more in shorter timelines. From improvements at the solver and technology level that result in even faster, more powerful product performance to updates that ease time-to-certification, ANSYS 19 improves time to market and engineers' productivity.

  • New functionalities in ANSYS Fluent significantly reduce the computational effort needed for spray nozzle designers to optimize product performance. ANSYS 19 uses the volume of fluid model to directly track interface instabilities and surface tension effects that give rise to ligament and droplet formation — resulting in fast, accurate spray breakup and droplet distribution with minimal effort. While it was previously computationally impractical to calculate droplet size distribution using conventional methods, the new functionality reduces the computational effort significantly.

  • It is incredibly difficult to predict how cracks impact design life and time to failure. Past simulation approaches were very complicated requiring manual meshing and numerous assumptions in order to predict how a crack might propagate. Now ANSYS Mechanical includes SMART (Separating, Morphing, Adaptive and Re-meshing Technology) Fracture technology easily define a crack along with the freedom to go beyond linear elastic fracture mechanics and consider true nonlinear effects.


There is so much more!

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