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It's Been an Amazing Year for ANSYS RedHawk SC

In one year since we released ANSYS RedHawk-SC — our next-generation, system-on-chip (SoC) power noise and reliability signoff solution — we've accomplished the amazing. One hundred percent of our 7nm RedHawk customers are using or deploying RedHawk-SC for signoff of their most complex and valuable products. Such designs are at the heart of the artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicle, 5G, mobile and high-performance computing (HPC) revolution that is in play today.

We’ve also experienced strong business growth, including the displacement of our sole competitor’s product. While this competitor's claims have been heralded on websites like, we were hosting their once flagship customer under the ANSYS banner at conferences and webinars. This customer is one of the fastest growing tech companies of the past year -- and we're privileged to be playing a role in it's success. Watch this video that highlights many of the key reason why this customer adopted RedHawk-SC, including the solution’s:

  • Unprecedented capacity and speed to handle a 20-billion transistor design.
  • Multidomain analytics that enable early detection of timing/voltage problems.
  • Scenario scoring and scenario coverage techniques, which allow an order of magnitude increase in simulation coverage.
  • Ability to visualize chip scale data (layout, hotspots, multidomain analytics) in seconds or minutes, using commodity hardware. This is analogous to Google Maps™ mapping service on your cellphone — again, simply amazing!

The success of RedHawk-SC continues; customer adoption has accelerated significantly in 2018. For example, the growing number of chip startups — focused primarily on AI chips, with some on cryptocurrency —  are great examples of new customers adopting RedHawk-SC. Additionally, we are seeing many system companies (automotive and communications, for example) joining the ranks of RedHawk-SC customers as they engage in high-value 7nm designs.

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