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5G: Unlock a $2 Trillion Opportunity With Simulation

The next generation of intelligent connectivity, powered by 5G, will radically transform most industry sectors — delivering unprecedented consumer electronics performance; powering autonomous vehicles, smart connected factories and digital twins; and saving lives by bringing doctors and patients together wherever they are physically located. By some estimates, this could result in global gross domestic product (GDP) being boosted by more than $2 trillion by 2030.

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And 5G might be here before you think. In a recent Ansys exclusive 5G consumer survey, the majority responded that they expect 5G to be available within the next year. While this may be optimistic for broad-based deployment and adoption, the trajectory is clear and the race is on.

5G Simulation Meets Real-World Challenges

Why all the optimism? 5G promises orders of magnitude improvements over current technology.

5G opportunities

To deliver these improvements, significant engineering challenges must be addressed, including:

  • Signal, power and optical integrity of high bit rate systems
  • Radio frequency (RF) and electromagnet interference (EMI), cable radiated susceptibility effects and desense mitigation
  • Chip-package-system integrated design and analysis
  • Antenna system design and integration
  • Analysis of communication systems in electrically large and complex environments

Across all these areas, 5G simulation is being used by pioneers like Samsung, Qualcomm, AMD and many others to realize significant benefits.

Benefits of 5G

Win the Race with 5G Simulation

Ansys provides a pervasive 5G simulation solution that leverages high-fidelity multiphysics and scales from silicon dimensions (nm) to the city (many square miles).

Ansys 5G simulation solutions

To explain how simulation is supporting the race to 5G and to enable companies to realize the opportunity it represents across all industry sectors, we have published a new e-book that explains in detail the engineering challenges that underpin the critical market needs. It articulates how some of the pioneers in 5G communications are addressing these challenges, and the impact they are making with simulation. The e-book also presents a summary of the overall Ansys solution and its key elements.

Download the “Engineering What’s Ahead: 5G Intelligent Connectivity” e-book here.


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