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Do You Want to Be in the ANSYS Hall of Fame?

Do you know how the following are related?

  • Flame extinction and blow-out effects in aircraft propulsion and power generation systems
  • Aerodynamic design of boat sails
  • Temperature control for electrical contacts in switchgear design
  • Conversion of heavy hydrocarbons to lighter ones in fluid catalytic cracking reactors
  • Induction melting of metals under levitation
  • Evaluation of surgical treatments for cervical degenerative disc disease.

If you said these applications all used ANSYS software and were winners in the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition, you are correct. Now it is your turn to enter the 2017 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition!

ansys hall of fame

It is incredible to see how organizations use ANSYS software to solve complex problems across a wide-range of industries and applications. Over the past seven years, we have had many amazing entrants to the ANSYS Hall of Fame. Entries don’t require a unique, breakthrough product or application; engineering excellence can be discovered in the problems you solve every day.

Tips from the Inside

2016-ntust-smI’ve been a part of the Hall of Fame team for almost four years and have a good idea of what our judges look for within an entry. I can’t guarantee you that you’ll win because you read these tips (I am NOT a judge), but it certainly can’t hurt your chances of becoming a Hall of Famer.

  1. A high-resolution image or video is important. With more entries every year, you have stiffer competition. We pull our judges from all parts of the physics spectrum to eliminate “physics” bias. A really cool image or video may make the difference between a winner and a runner up. If you need help, try these instructions on how to create high-resolution images Otherwise, let us know if you need assistance. We also DO NOT accept ANSYS design files, so make sure you export that file into an image or video.
  2. 2016-crft-smA long entry doesn’t guarantee you a win. Our judges have to review many entries each year so they can’t read a technical paper or dissertation to understand your entry. Just make sure you completely explain your applications and stick to our “suggested word limits” on each question. I’d suggest looking at previous winners to see the content and length of winning entries. And we know all applications don’t lend themselves to pretty pictures but a good, concise explanation of engineering excellence can compensate for that.
  3. Abide by the rules. Review the rules of the competition to ensure that we are able to include your entry. Every year we are forced to eliminate a handful of entries because some of the basic requirements were not met. Submit your entry in English. Complete the form in its entirety. Ensure you or your organization has a current license for ANSYS software. Provide only original content.