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Matthew Commens

Principal Product Manager, Ansys

Matthew manages the direction of the electromagnetic software simulation tool, Ansys HFSS. He engages with sales, support, and customers to determine tool requirements and provide feedback and detailed feature direction to Ansys software development teams. Matthew creates marketing and sales collateral to promote tool capabilities and develop technical articles, white papers, and presentations on new software features and product direction. He determines strategic direction for HFSS and associated HPC and Cloud technologies and ensures it supports the overall strategies and goals of Ansys.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1989 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1995


  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Joined Ansys: August 2001 (Ansoft)


Articles by This Author

Improve Workflows and Encryption with Ansys HFSS 2022 R2

Learn how Ansys HFSS 2022 R2 improves PCB flex cable workflows and enables integrated circuit simulations with encrypted technology.

Did you see Ansys HFSS on Veritasium? Here's How it All Happened

See how popular YouTube channel Veritasium used Ansys HFSS for education and insights into the fundamentals of electricity.

Ansys HFSS 2022 R1: Accelerating Design in Autonomy, 5G, IoT and More

With HFSS 2022 R1, Ansys overcomes challenges with automotive radar simulations, core meshing, and adding new broadband frequency sweep technology.

The Next HFSS Game Changer: Phi Plus Mesher for Bondwire and MCAD Layout Assemblies

Following on the heels of HFSS Mesh Fusion, the new Phi Plus mesher will be yet another game changing technology delivered by the Ansys HFSS development team.

From Chips to Ships, Solve Them All With HFSS

HFSS Mesh Fusion opens-up new possibilities in simulating more complex and comprehensive EM systems.

No Limits: Ansys HFSS 3D Layout for Every Engineer

Learn how electronic product development costs are slashed with an optimized simulation workflow.

How to Optimize the Speed and Scalability of Ansys HFSS with Ansys HPC

There are several high-performance computing technologies that can maximize HFSS simulation speeds.

Top 3 New HFSS Features for 5G Antenna Design

The higher frequency 5G bands, along with the technologies for beamforming, beam steering and multiple beams (MIMO) will pose significant challenges to 5G antenna designers as well as system integrators.

Ansys HFSS and Ansys SIwave Extend Their HPC Capabilities on Ansys Cloud

Ansys HFSS and SIwave users now have access to the speed and scalability of Ansys Cloud.

Ansys HFSS 18 – Raising the Bar in Electronics

Ansys HFSS 18 introduces even greater capability for broadband simulation of electronics, wireless systems, and antennas.

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