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Modeling Satellite Orbits and Orbital Perturbations using Ansys STK

This case study demonstrates some basic and advanced concepts in modeling various satellite orbits around the Earth, including how to account for the non-spherical shape of our home planet, and its uneven mass distribution. All modeling and simulation in this case study is done using Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK), part of Ansys Digital Mission Engineering Software.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the cause of orbital perturbations.
  • Explain how accurate orbital modelling affects satellite systems design.
  • Compare the different orbital propagators in STK.
  • Use STK to accurately model a satellite’s orbit and compute access to ground stations.

Applicable Courses

  • Space Dynamics and Systems Design
  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Satellite Mission Design

Downloadable Content

  • Case study report
  • Simulation Files


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