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Introduction to basic assembly in Ansys Discovery

This lecture unit focuses on the assembly of geometries in Ansys Discovery. The unit covers how to use the Assemble Group of tools to fit the individual parts of a model together to form an assembled product. No prior modeling experience necessary. This unit follows on from Lecture Unit: Creating and Editing Geometries in Ansys Discovery. Together the lecture units are part of a larger ongoing series designed teach the fundamental principles of CAD.    

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the fundamental tools used to assemble geometries. 
  • Ability to create components, assembly hierarchies and sub-assemblies.
  • Insight into how the fundamental tools are used in different combinations to assemble geometries.

Applicable Courses

  • Engineering Design
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design

Downloadable Content

  • PowerPoint (slides with notes and animations)
  • Ansys Discovery geometry files


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