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Heat transfer through horizontal pipe with Ansys Fluent

This tutorial shows the basic principles of heat transfer through different media. Ansys Workbench is used to analyze the temperature distribution along a horizontal pipe. The medium inside the tube is water with an inlet velocity of 0.001 m/s and a temperature at the beginning of the pipe 300 K. The medium around the pipe is air as a compressible fluid with density change according to the ideal gas law. The tube is made of aluminum as a popular material for pipes in various applications due to its advantageous properties such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, conductivity. A longitudinal variation in the pipe wall temperature is prescribed in order to analyze how it affects the temperature of the water inside the pipe. The results from the numerical simulations are presented and interpreted. This resource was created in collaboration with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje as part of the Ansys Funded Curriculum Program.

Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge and understanding of basic thermodynamics
  • Ability to use Ansys Fluent to set-up fluid flow problems
  • Awareness of importance of simulation in engineering problems
  • Ability to visualize and evaluate the results

Applicable Courses

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Fluid Dynamics and CFD



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