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Flow Around a Cylinder with Ansys Fluent and Jupyter Lab 

 This Jupyter lab exercise allows students to explore the assumptions and limitations of Potential Flow Theory by running Ansys Fluent through a Python interface which extracts plots of pressure and velocity in air flow around a cylinder. No previous knowledge of Fluent or Python is required for students to tackle this lab.

Learning Outcome

  • Explain the assumptions and limitations of Potential Flow Theory
  • Perform a flow simulation around a circular cylinder using Ansys Fluent and PyFluent
  • Have an awareness of basic concepts of simulation, CFD, and scripting.

Applicable Courses

  • Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
  • Introduction to Thermofluids
  • Fluid Mechanics I

Downloadable Content

  • A zip folder with: ReadMe file, AnsysCylinderFlowLab Jupyter Lab file, mesh file, and relevant figures


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