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Bar Elements and Meshing with Ansys Mechanical

Ansys Mechanical is a finite element analysis (FEA) software used to perform structural analysis

using advanced solver options, including linear dynamics, nonlinearities, thermal analysis, materials, composites, hydrodynamic, explicit, and more.

This tutorial will cover how to simulate the extension of bar elements in Ansys Mechanical and expand on the techniques associated with meshing of 3D objects.

This resource is part of a set of tutorials, designed to introduce the basic functionalities of Ansys Mechanical via Ansys Workbench and was created in collaboration with the University of Newcastle as part of the Ansys Funded Curriculum Program.

Learning Outcome

  • Implement bar element extensions in Ansys Mechanical simulations
  • Apply meshing techniques to 3D objects

Applicable Courses

  • Mechanics of Solids
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Advanced CAD
  • Mechanical Design

Downloadable Content

  • Lab tutorial exercises
  • relevant simulation file


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