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Ansys 2024 R1: Designing for Sustainability with Material Intelligence

Get insights to develop more sustainable products during this upcoming webinar. See the new add-on feature for Granta MI and discover the functionality with a demonstration of how it works. 


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The new sustainability add-on for Ansys Granta MI offers a rich toolset and the data to support sustainability experts, materials experts, and designers in their engineering efforts to reduce product environmental footprint early in the design phase. This allows a business to embed sustainability in its product development process by identifying and deploying preferred, sustainable materials as part of its central authoritative source of truth for the material. Designers have the insight they need to develop more sustainable products in their native tools (CAD/CAE), simultaneously optimizing performance, sustainability, and cost.

What you will learn

  • How does the new add-on work with Granta MI
  • What data, tools and functionality it brings
  • Watch a demonstration of how it works

Who should attend

  • Current Ansys Granta MI users
  • Executives, managers, and engineers looking to bring sustainability to their design processes


  • Charlie Bream


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