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Get Best-in-Class Simulation Software at Startup Pricing

Dreaming big and making those dreams a reality is a huge undertaking for early-stage startup organizations. We understand. And we’re committed to helping you solve your engineering challenges with affordable software, making the impossible possible. 

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solar car driving

Innovative startup manufacturer of solar vehicles, Lightyear, purchased Ansys simulation software for virtual testing structural, aerodynamic, and electronic designs.


Use the Power of Ansys to Drive Your Innovation

We created the Ansys Startup program for early-stage startup with limited funding and resources. We provide full access to Multiphysics simulation software plus high-performance computing so you can tackle your engineering projects quickly and cost-effectively.

More than 1,500 startups from 52 countries chose Ansys, spanning the autonomous, high-tech, energy, aerospace, automotive, 5G, and healthcare industries, which will allow you to

What the Startup Program Includes

Faced with limited funding and revenue, many startups must build and test physical prototypes to verify product performance, requiring considerable financial and human resources. The physical prototyping process is also time-consuming, increasing barriers to winning the race to market against potential competitors.

The Ansys Startup Program equips the startup ecosystem with access to our broad portfolio of bundled and affordably priced simulation solutions to help early-stage startups grow their businesses while significantly reducing physical prototype tests. In addition to product support, startup businesses can access Ansys Learning Hub, classroom, virtual and self-paced programs designed to improve their technical knowledge.

Eligible startups get access to technical support, the opportunity to engage in mutually beneficial marketing opportunities, and the following product bundles spanning many areas of physics:

  • Structures & Fluids Bundle
  • Electromagnetics Bundle
  • Embedded Software Bundle
  • Optics and Photonics Bundle
  • Digital Missions Bundle
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Startup Software Eligibility

Ansys is committed to startups; We do our best to work with you to find a solution that fits your specific situation and needs. For participation in the program, your startup should:

  • Be a privately held company
  • Be less than 10 years old as a company
  • Have less than USD $5 million in annual revenue
  • Not be an engineering consulting or simulation services company

Leveraging Ansys on the Cloud

Both Ansys and AWS have tailored programs with startups in mind. Learn how you can leverage the Ansys Startup Program and AWS Activate and benefit from Ansys Gateway Powered by AWS to remove hardware barriers and drive innovation for your company.

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Simulation helps startups change our world, from solving environmental issues to reimagining healthcare to traveling to other planets. When startups are powered by Ansys, they solve the unsolvable.

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