HPC Cluster Appliance Program

Are you convinced about HPC’s benefits, but reluctant to migrate your simulation workloads to an HPC cluster? Is your company lacking IT support for specifying, provisioning and managing HPC resources? Are you ready for cloud computing?

ANSYS has worked with HPC partners to help you find an HPC cluster ‘appliance’ solution that is designed to ensure engineering productivity at first login for your ANSYS users.

Simplifying HPC Cluster Deployment

This program will help you find an out-of-the-box, plug-and-simulate, externally managed HPC cluster that is optimized for ANSYS and preconfigured with ANSYS simulation and job management software. The appliance shifts simulation jobs off local workstations to a central cluster resource, enabling your engineers to truly multitask. The appliance enables maximum utilization of the HPC cluster — you can submit jobs 24/7.

HPC partners provide services to assist with simplifying and speeding cluster deployment. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), for example, offers reference architectures (RAs) for ANSYS applications. RAs include entry-level cluster configurations and provide advice on processor selection, memory size and storage selection.

HPC Cluster