Equipment and Process Safety & Reliability

The industry's focus on safety and reliability is rooted in the high cost of oil and gas production, maintenance and unscheduled downtime. Product failure can impact the environment as well as human life. Engineering groups focus on developing reliable equipment and processes that thrive under real-life conditions, which are often impossible to replicate in experiments.

Leading companies excel in four key areas:

  • Reducing the product development cycle while increasing quality
  • Minimizing product failure without cost over-runs and over-design
  • Reducing maintenance and eliminating unscheduled repair
  • Establishing development processes that streamline regulatory approval yet meet unique requirements

Engineering simulation offers the insight needed to meet these goals. ANSYS technology provides integrated, proven engineering capabilities that can be applied throughout the product development cycle, from early design concept to validation to customer deployment.

Fluid mechanics, structural mechanics and electronics capabilities are complemented by parametric, optimization, design of experiment (DOE) and Six Sigma analysis tools. The end result is that ANSYS customers design products that meet integrity, safety and reliability targets.

Equipment and Process Safety & Reliability