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Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD


The purpose of this course is to teach the basic tools and methods for generating meshes with ANSYS ICEM CFD Tetra-Prism and HEXA. The course presents best-practice meshing techniques and the tools required to efficiently generate high-quality meshes based on tetrahedral / prismatic and hexahedral elements.

Learning Outcome

  • Discover the ICEM CFD meshing interface

  • Learn how to clean and defeature your geometry

  • Creating  tetra/prism meshes

  • Creating hexahedral meshes

  • How to merge terta/prism and hexa meshes in ICEM CFD

  • How to look to the Mesh metrics and statistics

  • How to improve the mesh quality


  • Basic knowledge of geometry and meshing principles.

Target Audience: Engineers and Designers tending to mesh their geometry and prepare it for a Fluid or Mechanical simulation.

Teaching Method: Lectures and computer practical sessions to validate acquired knowledge. A training certificate is provided to all attendees who complete the course.

Learning Options: Training materials for this course are available with a ANSYS Learning Hub Subscription. If there is no active public schedule available, private training can be arranged. Please contact us.

Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD  



Agenda :

  • This course is a 2 day classroom covering both lectures and workshops. For virtual training, this course is covered over 4 x 2 hour sessions, lectures only.
  • Virtual Classroom Session 1 / Live Classroom Day 1

    • Module 1: Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD   

    • Module 2: Geometry Handling

      • Workshop 2.1: Geometry Repair – Engine Block

    • Module 3: Shell Meshing

      • Workshop 3.1: Shell  Meshing – Stamped Part

    • Module 4: Unstructured Volume Meshing

      • Workshop 4.1: Tetra Meshing – Engine Block

      • Workshop 4.2: Tetra Meshing – Valve

      • Workshop 4.3: Body Fitted Cartesian – Femur

    • Module 5: Prism Meshing

      • Workshop 5.1: Heating Coil Meshing

      • Workshop 5.2: Prism Meshing – Water jacket

      • Workshop 5.3: Prism Meshing – Wingbody

    • Module 6: Mesh Preparation

    • Module 7: Output to Solver

      • Workshop 7.1: Mesh Preparation and Output to Solver – Wing Edit

  • Virtual Classroom Session 2 / Live Classroom Day 1

    • Module 08: Hexa Meshing, Part 1: Introduction to HEXA Meshing

      • Workshop 8.1: 2D Pipe Junction

      • Workshop 8.2a: 3D Pipe Junction

      • Workshop 8.2b: 3D Pipe Junction O-grid

  • Virtual Classroom Session 3 / Live Classroom Day 2

    • Module 08: Hexa Meshing, Part 2, Advanced HEXA Functions

      • Workshop 8.3: Sphere Cube

      • Workshop 8.4: O-grid Exercise

      • Workshop 8.5: 3D Elbow Part

  • Virtual Classroom Session 4 / Live Classroom Day 2

    • Module 08: Hexa Meshing, Part 3: Further Hexahedral Examples

      • Workshop 8.6: Pipe Blade

      • Workshop 8.7: Periodic Part

      • Workshop 8.8: Merging Topologies

      • Workshop 8.9: Tetra/Hexa Merge, HVAC-Hybrid

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