How to Design Base Station (or Microcell) Antenna Arrays for 5G Wireless Networks

This paper describes a simulation workflow in Ansys HFSS to design 5G base station (or microcell) arrays. It looks at tackling problems related to the antenna’s beamforming capabilities that use multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) techniques. In addition, it describes the modeling techniques for massive millimeter-wave (mm-wave) antenna arrays before their deployment on a microcell or base station. Final stages of the workflow involve analyzing practical scenarios comprising an end user equipment UE and the microcell. To characterize the communication channel between the UE and microcell, channel state information (CSI) is extracted and subsequently used in designing MIMO beamforming approaches. Real-world indoor and outdoor 5G wireless communications scenarios and applications are used to illustrate the efficacy of this workflow. Read this paper to learn more.
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