From Signal Integrity to Product Integrity - White Paper

We’re in the midst of an electronics-centered innovation boom that has transformed the way we communicate, work, learn and entertain. Virtually no product is exempt from these improvements. In your home and office — around the globe, in obvious and not-so-obvious applications — there are ultra-smart phones, fiber-optic and wireless networks, computers that fit into a pocket, LED screen displays that mimic paper and even tracking chips in pets. Second-millennium automobiles are filled with electronic communications devices that control engine functions, keep wheels from skidding, help avoid accidents and direct our route of travel. Aviation electronics include radar, fly-by-wire systems and airborne communications. Electronics innovations have been adopted in industrial and military applications: Smart electronics are redefining everything from just-in-time manufacturing to homeland security. It’s obvious that these devices are affecting the quality of our lives. What’s not so apparent is how interconnected products have become and how they impact our safety.
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