Fast-Tracking Autonomous Vehicles, Drones and Robots via Engineering Simulation - White Paper


As demand grows for autonomous machines, only engineering simulation offers the means to launch them into the marketplace quickly and cost-effectively - without sacrificing safety or reliability.

Autonomous machines - including vehicles, drones and robots - are capturing headlines and the public's imagination, resulting in dramatic growth in market demand. However, developing these autonomous systems is an engineering challenge without precedence. Whole new engineering fields - such as artificial intelligence - are emerging to address this challenge, but time-tomarket is short and the competition is intense. With human lives at stake, rigorous testing of these systems is absolutely critical, but the sheer number of potential operating scenarios makes comprehensive physical testing practically impossible. Only ANSYS engineering simulation provides comprehensive solutions to manage this high degree of product complexity, replicate thousands of operating scenarios, meet aggressive time and cost targets, and ensure product safety. Via simulation, thousands of operating scenarios and design parameters can be virtually tested with precision, speed and cost economy. As simulation plays a greater role in the development of autonomous vehicles, drones and robots, we can expect to see these products fast-tracked to keep pace with increasing market demand.


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