Breakthrough in Brake Sequeal Prediction Helps to Eliminate Noise Problems Early in Design Process - White Paper

Engineers have succeeded in recent years in reducing many types of automobile noise. However, friction-induced squeal in automotive brakes is an increasing source of customer complaints. Currently, brake noise is one of the top warranty issues that automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers face. A recent breakthrough is an integrated approach to brake squeal prediction: It incorporates bidirectional computer-aided design (CAD) connectivity, automated meshing and connectivity, flexibility to use a linear and/or nonlinear solver, parametric and sensitivity studies, and a wide range of graphical outputs. This integrated approach substantially reduces setup time, correlates well with physical testing, maintains in-sync models with production and the supply chain, and makes it possible to automatically evaluate a large number of design alternatives to quickly identify the optimal design.The new method enables first-time virtual design of cost effective, quiet braking systems for multiple platforms in far less time than is possible with conventional methods.
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