Turbomachinery Simulation: FSI for Blade Flutter in a Compressor - Webinar

Flutter is the vibration of a mechanical system at or near natural frequencies of the system. As aerodynamic forces feed energy into the system, the flutter amplitude increases with time, which can lead to high-cycle fatigue failure in turbomachinery.

To better understand this phenomenon, researchers at Stellenbosch University in South Africa used ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Mechanical to simulate flutter at an excitation frequency of 660 Hz and a supply pressure of 2.5 bar in an axial flow compressor. They then compared the simulation results with experiments designed to excite the first rotor blade row of a Rofanco axial flow compressor at the same frequency. In this webinar, they present the details of their simulations, and show how the results closely match those obtained experimentally. Join us to learn how you can apply their simulation methods to your turbomachinery equipment to understand flutter and possibly reduce its occurrence.
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