Tips and Tricks for Modeling ADAS Radar Sensor-Environment Interaction to Generate Synthetic Radar Returns

ANSYS HFSS SBR+ is a high-frequency solver for modeling high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) scattering from electrically large structures. Shawn Carpenter, senior product manager for high-frequency electronics will present the best-practice workflow for using the HFSS SBR+ solver in the ANSYS Electronics Desktop to synthesize vehicular radar returns for complex, full-size scenes. A candidate 77 GHz radar system with multiple synthetic line array (SLA) channels will be used to demonstrate yield scattering centers distributed throughout a scene in terms of range, velocity and angle of arrival (AoA). The RADARpost ACT toolkit for the ANSYS Electronics Desktop will be used to post-process range-Doppler maps for multiframe traffic scenarios for a radar using frequency-modulated interrupted continuous wave (FMiCW) waveforms.

In this on-demand webinar, we will demonstrate suggested practices for setting up and simulating large-scene full- physics radar-to-environment interactions for mm-wave vehicular radar systems.
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