Thermostat Macro in ANSYS Icepak Release 15

For more than a decade, leading companies around the world have relied on ANSYS Icepak to provide robust and powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions for electronics thermal management. ANSYS Icepak has the necessary capabilities to enable rapid model creation, meshing and analysis of complex electronic systems. In addition to the standard features and functionalities, ANSYS Icepak offers several additional capabilities via specialized sub-routines known as ‘macros’ for advanced modeling.

Power saving techniques and associated thermal management using control logics is a common practice in Electronic Industry, ranging from smartphones all the way up to laptop devices. The thermostat macro in Icepak facilitates advanced modeling capabilities to regulate component power and/or fan strength based on temperature feedback. These capabilities are very important to characterize the transient behavior of the system. In R15, the thermostat macro in Icepak is enhanced with a unified interface for easier problem definition. In addition the macro facilitates the controlled behavior of single or multiple sources and fans associated with single or multiple temperature monitor points.

This webinar will provide an overview of the thermostat macro capabilities that are currently available in ANSYS Icepak (v15). The webinar will also provide the users with detailed insight into several examples that cater to key application areas and modeling requirements.
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