Structural Mechanics - What's New in ANSYS 16.0 - Webinar

ANSYS Mechanical is the premier modeling and simulation solver for analysis of strength, vibrations, motion, and thermal properties of structures, including composites, using linear and nonlinear static analyses or mechanisms analysis. The software incorporates modal analysis for calculating natural frequencies and mode shapes, harmonic analysis for determining harmonically time-varying load response, linear and nonlinear transient dynamic analysis, and spectrum analysis for random vibrations.

Join us for this webinar to learn about major improvements we have made to ANSYS Mechanical 16.0, including fabricated structures (shell meshing, geometry preparation), contact modeling, productivity enhancements, composites, material failure, and elastomeric analysis. Discover how these advanced features can accelerate your product design process and give you an edge in getting your products to market in the shortest time possible.
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