Recent Advancements in Electromechanical Simulation: Improving Engineering Productivity Using ANSYS Maxwell - Webinar

By taking advantage of advancements in computer software and hardware, ANSYS Maxwell now has enhanced solver capability and new, exciting options that help engineers improve productivity. As the industry-standard simulation tool for electromechanical and electromagnetic components including electric machines and drives, actuators, solenoids, sensors, transformers and inductors, numerous enhancements in recent years have continued to improve the software.

Join us for a one-hour webinar highlighting advancements in ANSYS Maxwell. Topics include:
  • Maxwell solver and meshing improvements
  • Flexible licensing schemes
  • Powerful scripting capability to customize design flow
  • Advanced material modeling, including core loss and temperature dependence
  • Magnetic component integration with power electronics and control
  • Multiphysics simulation with thermal–structural analysis
  • Design parameter sweep, optimization, exploration and statistical study capabilities
  • High-performance computing to reduce simulation time
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