Optimized Designs for Fatigue Using ANSYS nCode DesignLife

Designing for durability can avoid costly repairs, legal liabilities and maintain product integrity. ANSYS nCode DesignLife enables the virtual testing of products for durability and predict fatigue before the initial prototype is built. Through simulation, product designs can be optimized for weight, cost and manufacturing efficiency and at the same time reduce the risks of failure. ANSYS nCode DesignLife offers a simulation environment where predetermined time series of loadings can be combined with the simulated responses from ANSYS Mechanical and other FEM products, to determine how long the product will survive. Customers use DesignLife for products that undergo repeated loadings, each of which is insufficient to cause failure, but over a period of time with cause a malfunction.

Learn how ANSYS nCode DesignLife can optimize your products for durability, resulting in significant cost reduction for design, manufacturing and maintenance.
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