ANSYS Introduces New Electronics Desktop with 3-D EM Component Libraries for Next Generation Wireless Integration - Webinar

Designers must account for electromagnetic (EM) coupling and parasitic behavior resulting from close proximity to other structures to accurately simulate the real-world performance of highly integrated devices. While high-frequency and high-speed designers have addressed for some time this need with electromagnetic simulation, an IP-protected, electromagnetic-aware “black box” did not exist. Developing future wireless technologies also requires that multi-disciplinary engineering teams are able to share physics-based models in complex systems, all while addressing electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements in a collaborative workflow.

To address these needs, ANSYS 16.0 delivers an all new ANSYS Electronics Desktop featuring ANSYS HFSS and the industry’s first 3-D EM component library. During this webinar, we will introduce you to features in the desktop and illustrate how engineers and CAD support teams can use the new 3-D EM component library. This library can be coupled with IP-protecting encryption to share HFSS components between design teams and across high-frequency supply chains to expedite communication system integration.
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