Mastering Model-based Systems Engineering: Best practices for Data Management

Effectively creating an overall view of your system is challenging. Having the correct tools to help you layout your system architecture, communicate with different team members and manage all data within the system is key to project success. Such a tool must allow you to: manage data with customized attibutes, and interface to data bases draw your system system architecture intuitivily with a friendly interface allocate data to architectures and make navigation straightforward perform automated consistency verifications extract and compile information such as ICDs comply with standards Webinar Topic: SCADE System 2.0, the latest release of the Model Based System Engineering tool from Esterel Technologies provides all of these features. SCADE System does not prescribe a methodology, but provides several basic features that allows you to efficiently support your own system engineering methodology. In this webinar, these features will be demonstrated on a simple systems example.
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