Improve Your Chip Reliability using Thermal EM and ESD Simulations - Webinar

Full-chip reliability is critical for achieving successful silicon. This requires analysis that considers the impact of noise coupling, ESD and thermal effects from early in the design cycle to sign-off. FinFETs offer higher performance at the same power budget, or equal performance at a lower power budget, when compared to other chip designs. But lower noise margins and higher current density lead to thermal effects, including self-heat in FinFET transistors.

Attend this webinar to learn how ANSYS solutions can help you ensure chip-level reliability on the latest FinFET-based designs. Discover how ANSYS simulations can solve reliability issues, including noise coupling with on-chip mixed-signal, electromigration (EM), ESD, local self-heating and the overall thermal impact on noise and EM.
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