HPC as a Service for ANSYS with Extreme Factory - Webinar

High Performance Computing (HPC) is in demand for performing faster simulations of larger models for product design projects, but not every company can afford to have its own HPC facility. That’s where extreme factory comes in. Operated by Atos Technologies’ Bull subsidiary near Paris, France, extreme factory is a complete HPC-as-a-Service offering, with the ability to run all ANSYS solutions from the Cloud or on-premises.

Learn more about this highly secure, on-demand HPC system based on the bullx supercomputer with state-of-art CPUs and high-speed InfiniBand Interconnect. ANSYS software is preinstalled on extreme factory, and licenses are easily installable for each customer instance. Find out how it can be accessed through extreme factory Computing Studio (XCS), a convenient secure web portal, and how pre- and post-processing of data from all ANSYS simulations can be done easily and interactively through the optimized extreme factory remote visualizer (XRV).
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