How to Successfully Address Embedded Software Challenges for the Medical Device Industry - Webinar

With the rapid increase of biotronics, especially wearable and implantable electronic medical devices, the pressure on biosoftware engineers to produce code to complement the hardware is growing rapidly. This code must be able to properly interpret large amounts of continuously acquired data and to deduce relevant diagnoses, possibly leading to immediate actions. Because many of these products and systems will be safety critical — defibrillators, for example — the control software must operate flawlessly and satisfy stringent software safety certification requirements from regulatory authorities (FDA, EU, etc.).

Discover how the ANSYS model-based embedded software development and simulation environment — with a built-in (and safety certified) automatic code generator — significantly accelerates the pace of embedded software development projects, including complex user interfaces and control software. Learn how the use of familiar ANSYS tools can help medical engineers make mobile health smarter and more effective.
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