How to Speed Up ANSYS 15.0 with GPUs


This webinar will present which solver options in ANSYS Fluent 15.0, including some of the typical CFD applications, can benefit from GPUs as well as the performance enhancements made to ANSYS Mechanical 15.0. Several examples will be presented to demonstrate the GPU speed ups in both CFD and FEA applications and some of the important variables that can affect performance. Recommendations on typical system configurations to maximize the productivity of both CPUs and GPUs will also be discussed.

ANSYS Inc. and NVIDIA have collaborated to bring higher simulation productivity for your CFD and FEA simulations using GPUs in ANSYS 15.0. In addition, a new license scheme will be in effect that treats each GPU socket the same as a CPU core in all HPC license products. As a result, you can now do more simulations than before without missing project deadlines by simply adding GPUs to your existing HPC infrastructure.


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