How To Mesh - A CFD Meshing Demonstration Series Part 4

Accuracy of simulations to a large extent depends on type of mesh and mesh quality. Preprocessing can form major part of the man hours in simulation, if best practices and meshing strategy to generate quick and high quality mesh are not followed.

This series of Ask The Expert on CFD Preprocessing is intended to help users in better understanding and implementing efficient meshing strategies and parametric modeling. The sessions will predominantly have demonstrations. In the series, meshing workflows, meshing strategies for applications and productivity improvement tips will be demonstrated through several case studies. In addition, the advantages & usage of usability features which improves user’s efficiency and speed will be discussed. The selected case studies include key applications from oil & gas/process/automotive and turbo industries.

Part 4: How ICEMCFD Integration in WB can help in creating parametric models, defining workflows and automating meshing processes?

ICEMCFD has been a key tool for users working on hand-crafted hex meshes. The plethora of features available to create and control meshes, the amount of flexibility it provides for hex meshes makes it an unparalleled tool in market for applications requiring highly controlled meshes, e.g., turbomachinery. Now, in R14.5, ICEMCFD has been integrated well within Workbench workflow, which allows taking advantages of the WB features including Bi-directional CAD connectivity and Parametric modeling.

Session contents:
- Ease of adding parameters in ICEMCFD integrated in WB.
- How DM modeling advantage can be utilized upstream ICEMCFD?
- Custom workflow for different parameter values (mesh adapting to range of parametric changes in a model, e.g., a blade model)
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