ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series: High Power Switching on Wireless Power Transfer: Thermal Modeling and Analysis of IGBT Modules Using ANSYS Icepak - Webinar

Remote devices that are not easily reached by wires rely on wireless power transfer for recharging, but this can be a major challenge, depending on the distance involved and the amount of power required. For a rechargeable implanted medical device, the power may be low but the comfort and safety of the patient must be taken into account; for electric automobiles, higher power is needed, which could pose dangers for personnel and equipment.

View this webinar to learn how ANSYS simulations can be less costly and time consuming than standard experimental methods used to validate power switching devices. Discover how ANSYS Icepak simulations enable thermal modeling and analysis of IGBT modules under various conditions to address concerns about cost, reliability and performance.
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