A Fully Automated Solution for Simulating Mixing Tank and Bioreactor Performance

Mixing tanks and bioreactors are common in many industries: chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, etc. Two common design challenges are (1) ensuring high efficiency by minimizing blend time and (2) identifying the optimal compromise between high agitation and preservation of micro-organisms via exposure analysis. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is of great value in overcoming these challenges, but it can seem difficult at first because of the complex geometries of mixing tanks and bioreactors (impellers, shafts, baffles, sparger, etc.). Join us for this webinar to discover how ANSYS computational fluid dynamics simplifies these challenges. You will learn how our fully automated ANSYS solutions, in which engineers input the mixing tank geometric parameters and operating conditions, lead to a complete design analysis and a summary report so engineers can access all key parameters related to blend time and exposure analysis.
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