From Drones to Connected Cars: Safe and Secure Embedded Software Development for IoT Devices - Webinar

Developing an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled product is a complicated task, whether it be an autonomous vehicle, a vehicle user interface or a connected factory. IoT-enabled products contain hundreds, if not millions, of lines of embedded software code. And many of these products, and the systems and software that control them, are mission- or safety-critical. Therefore, developers must have confidence that the software code controlling these devices is 100 percent accurate and responds in the intended manner.

Discover how ANSYS SCADE products and certified code generators provide a complete solution for the development of embedded systems, software and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that are often a critical part of IoT-enabled products. We’ll present practical use cases of industrial IoT systems developed with SCADE, including connected drones for the aerospace industry and autonomous vehicles for the automotive industry.
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