Faster and More Accurate Combustion in ANSYS CFD - Webinar

Improved speed and accuracy of combustion simulation are just a couple of the significant advances in ANSYS CFD 17.0. These advances will help combustion engineers design for fuel flexibility, predict ignition, reduce emissions and increase fuel economy in a wide range of applications, including cars, trucks, jet engines, boilers and equipment used in material processing applications.

Learn about key advances in ANSYS CFD, including support for all of Reaction Design’s Chemkin reaction mechanisms, the Modern Fuels Library, the use of flamelet-generated manifolds, and soot modeling capabilities. ANSYS Forte, the IC Engine simulation solution, has also been incorporated into the ANSYS CFD package license. Discover how this combustion solution is fully integrated into ANSYS Workbench, including geometry prep, meshing and CFD-Post for a fast and easy workflow.