Eulerian Multiphase Models in ANSYS CFD

ANSYS CFD has a well established and proven suite of models to address a wide range of multiphase flows. The latest release of ANSYS CFD includes various enhancements in the ability to address an even wider range of problems. Notable improvements include:
- The Eulerian Wall Film model: Modeling of thin flowing films without the need to resolve them, such as in runoff and annular gas-liquid flows
- The DQMOM population balance model: Ability to model mixing and segregation due to size changes to the dispersed phase efficiently
- Improvements to the boiling model including that of critical heat flux prediction
- Enhancements to modeling surface tension effects in the VOF model
- Various numerics enhancements to ensure robust convergence for problems involving high mass transfer rates
- And several other minor enhancements

This webinar highlights these improvements and how they will enhance the ability to improve your multiphase simulations by sharing best practices and illustrative examples of these models.
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