Ensuring Impact Integrity with Drop Test Simulations

Simulation Driven Product Development enables industry leaders to minimize cost and maximize quality when designing, manufacturing and delivering products. During manufacturing, shipping, and use by customers, most products are exposed to impacts that can cause minor to severe damage. Testing for “impact integrity” experimentally and with simulation provides insight into how damage can be controlled.

This webinar will demonstrate how to perform drop test simulations. The application examples discussed in the webinar will include the drop test simulations of electronics devices, fluid containers, nuclear-waste containers, and more. The material types discussed will include both isotropic and composite materials. The material failure properties are either uniform everywhere or satisfy the specified statistical distribution that will display realistic failure patterns. The simulations address not only the products being dropped but also the products being dropped onto by foreign objects.

Finally, the optimization of the survivability of products using parametric studies will be highlighted.
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