Ensuring Confidence in ANSYS CFD Simulations

During this one-hour presentation, you will learn more about some of the reasons why ANSYS is your trusted partner for Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulations. The foundation for all ANSYS software products, the ANSYS Quality System, will be described as well as our new offering of ANSYS Quality Assurance Services for CFD. Moreover, we will illustrate an application of ASME V&V 20-2009 Standard to ANSYS FLUENT: Code Verification, Solution Verification, and Validation. The webinar will then conclude with some examples of validations performed with ANSYS CFD and also present some Best Practices that you can incorporate in your own simulations, verifications, and validations. Product design decisions today in industry are frequently based on the results of CFD simulations and we here at ANSYS recognize your needs for reliable and accurate results. The ANSYS Quality System, QA Services, technical support, best practices, and verification/validation examples enable you to ensure the reliability of your simulations.
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