Coupled-Field Analysis Using ANSYS Mechanical

Users can customize ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS DesignModeler and ANSYS DesignXplorer using the ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit (ACT). ACT delivers the ability to create customized interfaces in Mechanical for direct access to MAPDL features that are not accessible from the Mechanical GUI. After these ACT extensions are developed, they can be shared with other users. An ACT license is not required to install and use ACT extensions.

Previous webinars presented how to use ACT to create and share customized extensions and briefly covered some of the extensions that are available in the ANSYS ACT library. One of the most popular and powerful ACT extensions — available for download from the library — is an updated version of the coupled-field physics extension. This extension exposes piezoelectric, thermal–piezoelectric and thermal–structural capabilities directly within the Mechanical GUI. Other coupled-field capabilities will to be added to this extension in the future. Command objects with MAPDL commands are no longer required to perform these coupled-field simulations in ANSYS Mechanical.
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