Fast and Efficient Composite FEA Simulation with ANSYS Mechanical - Webinar

The very nature of composite materials makes them attractive alternatives to metallic materials because they are lightweight, high in strength and can be formed into complex shapes. Aerospace, marine, defence, sports equipment, renewable energy and automotive industries are increasingly utilising composite structures. 

For engineering design teams, assessing and confirming the structural performance of composite parts poses unique simulation challenges because of their different constituent materials and orientations. 

ANSYS, a world leader in engineering simulation software, provides fast and efficient composite FEA simulation work flow covering: 

  • Composite layer definitions and orientations
  • Advanced solver capabilities for structural FEA simulation 
  • Composite simulation post-processing tools for stress and delamination 

In addition, through a partnership with LMAT (Lean Manufacturing & Assembly Technologies), ANSYS is now able to offer a simulation capability for composite curing analysis. 

This webinar will introduce you to the capabilities and applications of ANSYS Mechanical for composite FEA simulation. 

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