Composite FEA Simulation with ANSYS - 2019 Update

Over the last decade, ANSYS, a world leader in engineering simulation software, has been advancing the capabilities of ANSYS Mechanical to address the unique challenges of composite FEA simulation. Today, ANSYS Mechanical provides a fast and efficient composite FEA simulation software suite covering:
  • Advanced solver capabilities for structural FEA simulation
  • Powerful mesh-independent composite lay-up modeling
  • Ply-based modeling that can be a communication gateway to manufacturing, enabling a "model as you build it" philosophy
  • Best-in-class solid modeling tools for thick composites
  • Model associativity that enables exploration of design variations
  • Anticipation of distortion and compensation ahead of manufacturing thanks to ANSYS Composite Cure Simulation

This webinar will demonstrate new capabilities and applications of ANSYS Mechanical for composite FEA simulations.